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Sports Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 16 March 2006)

The following is a listing of important references and resources for sports enthusiasts.


General sports

StatShark - Sports forecasting site; predicts outcomes of games

American football

National Football League

Pro Football Hall of Fame

NCAA Football

Soccer / Football

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

European Football Association - Soccer


National Basketball Association - NBA

International Basketball

Power Basketball - Youth basketball coaching and athletic resource

George Mikan biography - Hoopball Hall of Famers

Wilt Chamberlain biography - Hoopball Hall of Famers

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar biography -Hoopball Hall of Famers


Top-rated books on Table Tennis

Top-rated books on NBA

Top-rated books on Basketball

Top-rated books on Handball

Top-rated books on Racquetball

Top-rated books on Muhammad Ali

Top-rated books on Bret Favre

Top-rated books on Michael Jordan

Top-rated books on Larry Bird



Use these resources to help you in sports. (More will be added soon.)

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