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Web Design Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 19 letters have been answered.

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Write a report for me Define Purpose of Website Nepal
Jobs using animation Using Animation India
Seeking direction on website General USA
Web design tutorial Resources USA
I want to start a website General Nigeria
I have always wanted to be an animator Using Animation UK
Wants into multi-player game General USA
How can I be a web designer? Goals USA
Make your site more fancy General UK
Difference between a browser and a search engine General USA
Want to learn about animation Using Animation India
What does random access mean in RAM? General India
Images don't look right in Internet Explorer Different Browsers Mauritius
Reasons for animations Animation UK
What is the definition of a website? General India

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Define Purpose of Website

Write a report for me

May 30, 2016


Purpose of website,evalute,and comapre of three different web browsers internet explore,google chrome,firefox include speed ,perform of three web browser and recommended one browser in 1000 word

suvash - Nepal (27037)


I'm sorry but I don't write reports for students. You will have to do your own research and writing. Our website includes much information on your topic.

Best wishes for a successful report.

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Using Animation

Jobs using animation

January 7, 2016


How it is helps us ? And how it learning and what is scope in feature and which jobs are provides to in this course ? I want learn this core and I m interesting in anime so I'm asking : Reply soon please : Thank you

Bharath - India (26670)


You can add animations when designing a web page, provided they add value to the page. One area we have for creating animation is in Flash Development.

There are a number of possible jobs in web development and marketing where knowledge of animations is required.

Our lessons are free and will help you understand the subjects.

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Seeking direction on website

October 17, 2015


Hello there, My name is Tyler, and I haven't talked to a lot of people about this, because quite frankly there isn't a lot of people to talk to it about... and every now and then I see if I can get lucky.

You have a lot on Gravity, and Gravitation... and mass... and then you have a fair amount on electromagnetism...

What im trying to say is I Feel your explanations on the relationship there was more of a "the book says its one of these three"... but I have a house full of 90 deg shapes and inset circles that would argue that with magnetics... with charges and frequencies... but I don't have much of a direction, and have way too much ADHD to do it all solo if possible.. I wont make it that long ;) ... anyways Thanks for your website its inspiring for someone like my self whos in the middle of launching my own in the next few days.

if you have and direction you could point me in it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Tyler - USA (26450)


If you are thinking of launching a website--especially a science site--the best suggestion is to try to keep things short and simple. Keep to one point or subject on a page. This will take special effort if you are somewhat ADHD, because there can be a tendency to jump around. See Harness Your Hyperactivity for some ideas.

You might try to get some friends who are also somewhat interested in the same things as you are. But, I know that is sometimes hard to do. In that case, do the best you can by yourself. But also tell others about your ideas.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in your projects.

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Web design tutorial

March 6, 2015


Hi Ron - My name is Robert, I'm contacting you because the Ron Kurtus' School for Champions website offers some really helpful web resources on this page: I wanted show you a web tutorial ("How to make a website") that I recently launched. My main goal was to make the information free, simple and straightforward:

Do you think it belongs on your page? I'd love to see it featured there, or if you have any other ideas on how we might be able to collaborate on the subject please let me know!

Thanks for your time,

Robert - USA (25812)


Looks good.

I added a link to your website at Training and Tutorials in Web Design Resources.

I'll look into posting links on some other pages too.

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I want to start a website

April 23, 2014


where do i start when i want to open a web site

Dada - Nigeria (24891)


See our lesson on Starting Up a Website for a good overview.

Best wishes for success with your website.

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Using Animation

I have always wanted to be an animator

August 24, 2011


i have always wanted to be an animator and now i can

declan - UK (21917)


The first part about being an animator is to learn how to draw using computer illustration software. Adobe Flash is the major software application for creating animations. It has a good drawing capability too.

Best wishes on becoming a top animator.

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Wants into multi-player game

February 22, 2011


How's life ?
can any individual guide me?
I need a cost-free MMORPG featuring a great number of players and in addition they (perfectly most) can converse English. It is essential that the actual servers have a number of gamers. I'm searching for something similar to Diablo or maybe Wow. I am also not willing to spend money as I just have a little extra time to destroy now. It's alright if the game costs nothing with premium content. I've looked a lot with regard to MMORPGs but not one from the websites definitely say simply how much gamers tend to be on-line. appreciate it

- USA (21248)


I'm sorry, but we are not involved in massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG). You might try getting info through Facebook or some gamer online forums.

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How can I be a web designer?

August 24, 2010



SHAKIRA - USA (20282)


The best place to start on becoming a web designer is with your own website. If you don't have a website yet, there are a number of places where you can get a free website or free blog that you would be able to customize.

Once you get skillful with your own website, you can start helping out designing the websites of friends. As your skill grows, soon word will be out if you are good at web design, and you can start getting paid assignments.

The nice thing about it is that you can do your web design on a part-time basis while you are still going to school.

Best wishes on your new career.

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Make your site more fancy

January 12, 2010


u need to make ur site more fancy

- UK (19030)


Thanks for your suggestion. We'll try to make it more fancy.

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Difference between a browser and a search engine

November 24, 2009


School for Champions
I get different Answers to this question. What is the difference between a browser and a search engine? My Mac computer has Safari. I assume this is the browser although I have heard people call Google a browser which I thought was a search engine. ( Not Chrome Google which I assume is a browser) but please correct me if I'm wrong. Incidentally, do you plan to ever introduce calculus in your courses? You seem to have a flair for making the complex comprehensible. And we are often told that without a calculus base, a knowledge of science can only be on an extremely elementary level. Thank you so much for your answer and for your contribution to education.

Aldo - USA (18732)


The browser is what you use to view web pages. Safari is the browser on your computer. Another browser is Internet Explorer.

A search engine is the website used to search for and find information on the Internet. Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search are common search engines.

I'd like to introduce Calculus, but it is a dilly to do. First, I need to add more to the Algebra section. But I will follow your suggestion and start putting some Calculus material in the site.

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Using Animation

Want to learn about animation

April 2, 2009


I Believe I have skill to learn animation because I draw many cartoons in my school life, but presently I worked in software field as a programmer. I am interested to learn more about animation please help me.

anto - India (17544)


If you are good in drawing, it is worthwhile to learn one of the computer illustration programs. Adobe at has the top programs, but they are expensive. There are other programs to use to learn to draw computer illustrations.

Most animations are done with Adobe Flash. There are programs available that are less expensive and will output in the Flash format. See our lessons at:

Flash also allows some pretty fancy effects for those with programming knowledge.

Best wishes for a career as an animator.

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What does random access mean in RAM?

December 5, 2008


i know RAM means random access memory, but what does the word mean "random access"?

Gurjinder - India (16905)


The early types of memory was recorded on a tape drive. That meant that things had to be in a linear order, one after an other. With the present random access memory (RAM), the stored data can be accessed in any order. It isn't really random, but just independent of the order it was saved.

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Different Browsers

Images don't look right in Internet Explorer

August 1, 2008


hi,am just doing a module on web design at school,,so ive got a problem with IE browser,,,the pages are good in firefox,,,but on IE some pictures i modified in fireworks are not previewed as they really are ,,, for instance when i use a picture with a colorless canvas in fireworks,,,it automatically get the canvas color white when previewed in IE,,so a special so i jst made and effect of glass to be the background of my page,,but the effect is not good in IE,is the problem the browser or the picture/??? thanks in advance

chemben - Mauritius (16305)


The difference between browsers is the type of problem that plagues web designers. Although Internet Explorer is getting closer to industry standards, they still like to try to "help" designers with certain features that are not standard.

I made an image in Fireworks with a colorless canvas and saved it as a PNG file. I placed it in a table cell with a colored background. The PNG file canvas was colorless both in IE and Firefox. When I converted the file to a JPG file, the canvas was automatically made white.

Note that in the previous version of Dreamweaver, you could preview the file on their simulation of IE and Firefox. But in the new version, the files must be uploaded and viewed on the real browsers. That may be your problem. If not, I'm not sure what is happening.

I hope this helps.

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Reasons for animations

April 3, 2006


what are the capabilities and limitations of animation for the web. e.g not being able to flash a flash movie if flash has not been downloaded.

what are the reasons for animation on the web.

advantages and disadvantages for animation on the web.

oludare - UK (10737)


Animations can be used to demonstrate a process, but often they are just used for entertainment purposes. And quite often they are overused and actually can be irritating to the user.

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What is the definition of a website?

February 1, 2006



REKHA - India (9888)


A web page is a single page that can be displayed on the Internet. The best format for a web page is with HTML code in its background. But a web page can be a Word document, a text file, a PDF file or other format.

It is easy to add graphics and images in an HTML page, thus making it look good.

A website is an organized group of web pages that is on the Internet at a given web address or URL. Like for example.

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