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Senses Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 695 letters have been answered.

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How is Braille used to extend vision? Extend Senses Jamiaca
Increasing 6th sense 6th Sense India
Can animals predict the future? Fear New Zealand
I see ghosts and hear things 6th Sense USA
Are senses reliable? Limits Philippines
Had dream about child and other person 6th Sense USA
Sensing the future and sensing spirits 6th Sense India
I can see into the future General New Zealand
Can predict earthquakes, but people laugh 6th Sense USA
Are senses the gateway of knowledge? General USA
Slow motion experience when diving Slow Motion USA
Experienced slow motion Slow Motion UK
Dominant senses Improving India
VA says premonition is mental illness 6th Sense USA
I embrace seeing the future 6th Sense USA

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Extend Senses

How is Braille used to extend vision?

January 2, 2017


How does Braille extend the sense organ?

Meg - Jamiaca (27780)


Braille is primarily used by those who are blind or have every poor vision as a way to read written material. It could be considered a "device" that extends the ability to read. However, it does not extend vision or the ability to see.

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6th Sense

Increasing 6th sense

December 8, 2016


how can we increase our six sense of sensing any bad incidence in future. I experienced and it became true. I want to increase this sense

Shubham - India (27547)


You might look at Checking Your 6th Sense for some information in increasing that ability.

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Can animals predict the future?

December 4, 2016


When stating that some animals and humans and plants etc. can sense danger, is it common for them to be able to predict when something bad is going to happen 24 hours before hand?

I've had multiple experiences where I started getting extremely scared and hearing voices and such, then the next day a car crash nearby or even the earthquake in New Zealand.

I need some form of resolution behind this, it's terrifying for me

Jasmine - New Zealand (27528)


Studies out of China show that many animals get restless and nervous hours or even days before an earthquake. They have used that behavior as an indicator. Animals are probably more sensitive to such things, but I would assume that humans could also sense the coming of an earthquake or other disaster.

Many people can sense future events (precognition or 6th sense). Sometimes it happens in a dream, while other times it is just a feeling that something bad will happen.

A funny thing about being able to sense future events is that the harder you try to do it, the less it happens. Thus, if such feeling occur, you might try to increase your feeling about it. This can often stifle that problem.

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6th Sense

I see ghosts and hear things

September 18, 2016


I see ghosts and hear things and people calling my name is I have my father died when I was seven on Christmas eve my son Dyllis 32 and the husband died years ago I am remarried and I hear ghost in my house I always Trent and things came true I always hear things

Mary - USA (27299)


This could be your 6th sense working, but also traumatic events such as deaths of loved-ones can cause such intense thoughts about them that you actually hear and see images.

Sometimes purposely trying to think about such matters can actually stifle seeing and hearing things from your subconscious.

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Are senses reliable?

September 2, 2016



AECIE - Philippines (27261)


In most people, the senses are reliable. Occasionally you may misinterpret what you see, hear, smell or such, such that you think it is something else.

However, some people have problems, such that their senses are distorted or the signals are not correctly transmitted to their brains. People with mental ailments may imagine things that are not there.

But for the normal person, the senses about themselves and their surrounding are pretty reliable.

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6th Sense

Had dream about child and other person

September 1, 2016


The story is long but I will keep it short. moved back toward family with my only child. I had injured myself, was married to a man who I was not in love with (because of things he did that were more haneious then stepmother). I ended up there they had a child needed help.

Left what I was doing (following my dreams) to go help. I was to be the godmother and this child and I was close until I asked her mother to help for three days. The phone hung up. she said it was her mother. did not speak to either of them after called to say hi to little one and she wouldn't g err t on phone.

The grandmother stated her mother was talking about you and Melissa won't go against her. When I had to move back I didn't bother, uninvited she came to my apartment. Kept her shoes on and none stop for two hour. talked about her and how she changed. Never once asked about my son or why we came back. Well curiosity got the best of me and spent some time lies cold manipulator, covering her web.

I one night sound asleep-_- I was as awoken ; ,she said I'm not your goddaughter-_- three times, I opened my eyes a young man was with brown hair-_- white robe bet toward me and beautiful. I just woke up and didn't believe someone took the time to tell mmm ed. Her daughter also lying cold to me. Whom was that? I've always been watched over-_-this was divergent.

Heidi - USA (27259)


Sometimes dreams can bring out reality when your mind has been clouded by some convincing person. It is best then to go with your intuition.

I hope everything works out for you. You know that you deserve the best.

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6th Sense

Sensing the future and sensing spirits

August 26, 2016


hii.. i hav read ur Article abt 6th sense n ol.. bt i wanna ask what kind of disorder is dis.. like in my case i can sense d present of any spirits.. yes its true dey exist nd dey contact us by entering in our body happend wid me many times... nd i can also see future in my dreams.. bt only sometimes.. nd it really cum true.. yes it wired bt also experienced dis...
MY question is can we control dis..sense or watever is dis.. nd what kind of combination is dis like seeing future nd feeling d presence of spirits..?

shina - India (27237)


It seems that many people can occasionally sense the presence of spirits, as well as to see future events in their dreams. These are senses that are often called para-normal senses.

Interestingly enough, the harder you try to have these experiences, the less they will happen. They usually occur when you are just relaxing an letting your mind be free. But also, by being alert to you body, you can improve your senses.

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I can see into the future

June 12, 2016


I can see into the future for about an hour but it's been nearly 2 years seens and felt my 10 sense but now I'm always in my 6th or 1 sence.I just have to show you how to change your thoughts in the future by understanding what time when u hear or think or say in your head or mouth. Ivan show you if I'm in the same room small

Rakesh - New Zealand (27073)


You have sensitive senses to be able to foresee future events. However, being able to affect or change the thoughts of another person is not really a sense. It is uncertain if this is some sort of force at a distance.

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6th Sense

Can predict earthquakes, but people laugh

June 10, 2016


Hello, my name id Debbie. I don't like to talk about this because of the negative feedback I get from some people. I always seem to know when there is going to be an earthquake, usually the day of or before, up to two weeks in advance. I'd say 90% have come true. Of course, I live in Southern California. Maybe my body is just tuned into it, not sure, the "Feeling" I get is one of unbalance with the earth and myself. It's very difficult to explain. I told my husband yesterday morning that an earthquake was coming, he just laughed! Sure enough, we had a 5.2 magnitude quake in Borrego Springs, about 100 miles from where we live at 1:04 am. I jumped out of bed! Someone once told me that my thrid eye was really open (whatever that means)But, It might have something to do with it? I just feel the earth is "off" some how, that something isn't right and then my prediction usually comes true, Something about the magnetic pull of the earth, I guess? Thanks for reading, Debbi

Deborah - USA (27068)


For many years, the Chinese have used barnyard animals to predict when earthquakes will occur. See The Use Of Animals In Earthquake Prediction and Can Animals Sense Earthquakes?.

So, it is possible that you are able to sense the subtle vibrations and tension in the air that may come before an earthquake occurs.

If you are also able to sense or predict other future events, you could have a strong precognition 6th sense. Most people have that sense to a small degree.

Whatever the case, don't let others get you down, because of your ability. For some people, it is probably not worth telling them.

Best wishes with your predictions. But I hope you won't have to predict any bad earthquakes.

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Are senses the gateway of knowledge?

April 20, 2016


why do we say senses are the gateway of knowledge?

- USA (26950)


Information from other people and sources are received by your senses and then processed and interpreted into knowledge. The senses are the starting point or gateway to gaining knowledge.

This usually happens through the senses of vision and hearing. However, you can even gain some knowledge by the sense of touch. For example, if you touch a hot item, you will learn not to touch it again when it is hot.

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Slow Motion

Slow motion experience when diving

April 19, 2016


I specifically typed a search for this subject because this happened to me when I was about 6. I wanted to see what info I could find. Your info is the first and only one I've read so far.

I was at the high school swimming pool open to the public everyday during summer. I was dropping/I diving from the high dive then going up one after the other over and over again. The time of the incident when I got to the stop of the stairs my hands being wrr lost their grip and I began to fall

Interestingly, as I fell I was not facing the latter but turned around partly clockwise away from the right of it and there was a boy looking up at me as I was falling.

Everything in slow motion I was aware I was falling, aware of my left hand ad it moved from above my head downward past my face, then my torso. The boy was yelling something and it too was in slow motion

I don't remember what he was saying. Slowing down a motion picture describes it perfectly.

As it turned out my left wrist was cracked as I had used it to brace my fall.

twyla - USA (26945)


Thanks for sharing your experience. Going in slow motion certainly is something to remember.

It is good that your wrist was not seriously injured.

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Slow Motion

Experienced slow motion

March 31, 2016


Louis Hamilton said he experienced slow motion whilst been in a few car crashes on top gear...

Jack - UK (26895)


Thanks for sharing. Yes, it is truly an interesting experience.

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Dominant senses

February 18, 2016


Why a person have one most dominant sense and one least dominant?

Nithin - India (26789)


The dominance of the various senses concerns how important each is and how well they function.

Most people get 80% of their information through their vision and probably the least information from the sense of taste.

However, if a person loses the sense of vision, other senses work to make up the difference. Hearing becomes more acute as does the sense of smell.

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6th Sense

VA says premonition is mental illness

January 11, 2016


Here's a question: How do you convince anyone that having premonitions are normal? Like a big dummy, I let the VA know that I saw 911 in a dream before it happened. Now they give me meds, and think it's a Mental Illness. I wasn't even there for that. I was getting treated for Anxiety. I believe that like myself, if anyone has or had a Traumatic episode in their life, especially that of a head injury, like me, then what takes place is the brain compensates for the Injury, thereby replacing it for a sixth sense that we don't normally use. Does that make sense?

Michael - USA (26684)


Some people simply do not believe anything out of the ordinary. It really isn't worth the effort to try to convince them otherwise. Also, considering something in a dream is a sign of a mental illness is simply stupid.

But note that the VA has a pretty poor track record on taking care of their patients. I would think twice about using the medication for mental illness. Medication for anxiety is usually OK.

Most people have glimpses of premonitions--especially in dreams--but often they just let them pass by. It is possible that a head injury could allow you to be more aware of premonitions. It would be interesting to find out if other veterans with head injuries have a greater frequency of seeing future events.

Best wishes in having good health.

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6th Sense

I embrace seeing the future

January 4, 2016


I see /feel things seconds/hours/ even days before they happen with almost 100% accuracy. I pick up on hurt, pain, emotions.

Examples- 1986- Challenger exploding- dreamed it the day before it happened and then watched it happen live; knowing out of the blue a neighbor having heart attack, things darting in the road ahead before visible, sensing when people are dying or near death, predicting sporting events, sensing turn-overs seconds before they happen in sports, people about to call, getting heebie/jeebies (skin crawls) when passing certain people on the street... been happening since I was a young girl.

It used to be very scary now I embrace it.

Donna - USA (26662)


Thanks for sharing your experiences and abilities. Although everyone has this ability to a degree, some are able to foresee the future much better than others. I guess you are much more sensitive to that sense, as well as your other senses.

It is also fortunate that you are able to embrace your special senses.

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