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ISO 9000 Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 104 letters have been answered.

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Avoiding non-conforming materials or goods Manual Sample USA
Send names of companies not ISO certified Compliance vs Certification Pakistan
Reasons for ISO registration Reasons for ISO 9000 Kenya
How long to reply to a non-conforming report? Manual Sample USA
ISO resource Resources USA
ISO 22000 - Food safety standards Simple Plan Uganda
Wants to hire student in TQM or ISO 9000 General USA
Want inspection training Manual Sample Nigeria
Top ISO 9000 companies in Pakistan General Pakistan
Difference between ISO and Operations Manual? Documents Needed Malaysia
How could ISO 9000 could affect business planning? General UK
Should sub-contractor be certified? Reasons for ISO 9000 Canada
How could I get the ISO 9000 certification? Certification USA
Experience with ISO 9000 for small companies Compliance vs Certification USA
Disadvantage of documenting customer complaints Manual Sample Tanzania

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Manual Sample

Avoiding non-conforming materials or goods

July 30, 2015


How is the inadvertent use, installation or processing of non-conforming materials/goods avoided?

Rahul - USA (26236)


By setting a policy concerning non-conforming materials and enforcing it through inspections, you can avoid the product.

See: Sec. 4.13 Control of Nonconforming Product and related sections for more information.

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Compliance vs Certification

Send names of companies not ISO certified

May 4, 2015


kindly send me the names of those pharmaceutical companies which are not ISO certified.

hina - Pakistan (25974)


It is almost impossible to list pharmaceutical companies which are not ISO certified, since there is not good data on them. Some pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan with certification include Alina, Hilton Pharma, and Merck.

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Reasons for ISO 9000

Reasons for ISO registration

November 10, 2014


for what reason a company seek ISO registration

duke - Kenya (25518)


One reason for a company to seek ISO 9000 registration is because their industrial customers require it. Registration can also give a company a competitive advantage over those that are not registered.

But also, following ISO 9000 standards will help a company operate more effectively and efficiently. resulting is greater profits.

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Manual Sample

How long to reply to a non-conforming report?

August 18, 2014


Their was an old statment on how long you could let a non-conforming report lay prior to a response what is it. My thinking was three days prior to a response?

- USA (25281)


Ideally, the response to a non-conforming report should be immediately. Unless the response would have to be checked over by management, there really is no reason to procrastinate on a matter.

Of course, this also can be defined by company policy.

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ISO resource

October 21, 2013


I's like to suggest MasterControl QMS Software as an ISO 9000 resource.

Carter - USA (24117)


I added your site to ISO 9000 References and Resources.

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Simple Plan

ISO 22000 - Food safety standards

October 4, 2013


I have read through your article and i must say its very interesting as it has opened my mind to starting ISO certification. However, i have a question:does the same plan apply for ISO 22000 certification as well?
Secondly, does the "registrar" apply to the auditor from the certification company? ie the company which will eventually certify you for the ISO standard?
I will appreciate your feedback.

CHRISTINE - Uganda (24075)


While ISO 9000 concerns production procedures, ISO 22000 consists of standards for food safety. It is based on ISO 9000 and is an is an industrial-specific risk management system.

Communication along the food chain is essential to ensure that all relevant food safety hazards are identified and adequately controlled at each step within the food chain.

In 2004, the European Office of Crafts, Trades and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for Standardisation felt that the standard is only suitable for large sized companies. They felt that small food businesses would not be able to seek such a high standard due to the lack of resources to pursue the certification.

In other words, you might be able to comply without being certified. But much depends on the requirements of your business customers.

See ISO 22000 - Food safety management for more information on the subject,concerning official certification.

Best wishes with your efforts.

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Wants to hire student in TQM or ISO 9000

April 29, 2013


Hi, I'm looking for a student that wants hands on experience in starting a Total Quality Management program at my company. Internship? Part time? Full time?

Please contact me if you have anyone who would like to learn from someone who has done it, but wants to learn and then lead a TQM or ISO program in manufacturing

Mike - USA (23656)


The best bet is to check the Business areas in your local colleges. Also, most school have placement services for internships and graduates.

I'll post your letter and let you know if anyone contacts me.

Best wishes in establishing your programs.

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Manual Sample

Want inspection training

January 8, 2013


how does somebody get to known about your inspection training and where does it take please thanks.

Stephen - Nigeria (23113)


We do not provide training. Although you are free to study our lessons to gain more knowledge on the subject.

There are a number of ISO 9000 and Quality Assurance companies and schools that provide training. A good place to start is the Standards Organisation of Nigeria.

I hope that helps you to get the training you want.

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Top ISO 9000 companies in Pakistan

September 22, 2012


list down the top 10 companies of Pakistan of ISO 9000

mohadisa - Pakistan (22935)


It is difficult to determine the top companies, because it depends on what criteria you use.

See certified ISO 9000 companies in Pakistan for a list of companies.

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Documents Needed

Difference between ISO and Operations Manual?

November 23, 2011


1. What is the difference between ISO Manual and Operations Manual?
2. Should operating policies and procedures be documented in ISO Manual?
3. Can operating policies and procedures be documented partially in ISO Manual while the remaining appeared in Operations Manual? The problem is that both documentation may run into conflict.
4. In ISO audit, should reference be made to Standard Operating Procedures or strictly on ISO Manual?

Thank you.

Tim Fook - Malaysia (22194)


The ISO 9000 Manual is usually called the Quality Policy Manual, which states the company's philosophy toward quality and ISO 9000. It is usually very general.

The Operations Manual is also called the Procedures Manual, which defines how things are done in the various work areas.

A good resource is: ISO 9001:2008 Documentation Requirements.

I hope that helps.

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How could ISO 9000 could affect business planning?

November 10, 2011


How ISO 9000 could affect the application of business planning and corporate expectations

luckshan - UK (22159)


The purpose of ISO 9000 is to make sure that a company documents what they do and delivers what they promise to deliver. It can be an extra expense and effort, but it assures that the company is well-run.

Planning should include time spend to document tests and processes. Upper management needs to realize that short-term gains are not as important as long-term growth.

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Reasons for ISO 9000

Should sub-contractor be certified?

October 1, 2011


If you are a sub-contractor and not iso certified and the work you are doing is for a large corporation(eg.Sony) that is iso and shipping all over the world, should you be iso certified or how important is it. To me it is like lying to the customer because you are not certified but Sony's label is on it. Is this wrong and could there be repercussions?

Donnie - Canada (22029)


ISO 9000 certification means that the company is delivering what is promised, according to the specifications and contract, and that they have the documentation in place to prove it. Usually, a ISO 9000 certified company will want their sub-contractors to also be certified.

However, it is not a requirement, if the company trusts the sub-contractor or the work done is not critical to the final product. They still should obtain documentation as to testing and quality of the parts obtained.

If Sony receives a part from a vendor who is not certified, and they test the part to make sure it adheres to their specification, they can honestly proceed. They are promising a certain level of quality to the customer and take responsibility if the quality is not there.

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How could I get the ISO 9000 certification?

March 16, 2011


How could I get the ISO 9000 or 9001 certification (as an individual)?

Ella - USA (21338)


ISO 9000 certification shows that a company satisfies the required processes. Companies usually get certified because their major corporate customers require it.

If you are self-employed or have a small business, you can become certified, which may help you market your services. However, I would suggest simply being compliant to the ISO 9000 or 9001 standards without going through the expensive certification process.

See ISO 9000 Compliance versus Certification.

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Compliance vs Certification

Experience with ISO 9000 for small companies

December 30, 2010


I work as an ISO Consultant that has gotten several companies certified to ISO 9001 and 16949 since 1995. However, I now specialize in helping small companies (1 - 25 employees) become ISO Compliant...the do not want to become certified due to the cost and Auditing time it takes to get certified.
These small companies, once their procedures and Quality Manual is completed, have no trouble acquiring orders from ISO customers. The ISO emphases on certification has all but disappeared for them. As long as they can show they are ISO Complaint their customers seem to be satisfied.

- USA (20933)


Thanks for sharing your experiences. Although following the guidelines of ISO 9000 is very useful to a company, becoming certified can be an unnecessary expense for a small company, especially if the customers do not require it.

Best wishes for continued success in your work.

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Manual Sample

Disadvantage of documenting customer complaints

November 15, 2010



CAROLINE - Tanzania (20688)


The reason a company would document customer complaints would be to make sure they proceeded with a corrective action. If similar complaints came into the company, they could tell that a different corrective action was needed.

Customer complaints should be kept as internal, confidential documents. You do not want the complaints broadcast, such as on a website, because it can affect the company's reputation.

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