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FrameMaker Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 4 letters have been answered.

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Attaching a document r to RoboHelp FM to RoboHelp India
Wants FrameMaker PDF files General India
Dfference between FrameMaker and Word? Basic Concept India
Wants to download free trial of FrameMaker Development Steps India

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FM to RoboHelp

Attaching a document r to RoboHelp

March 9, 2011


Can we attach a document or folder to Robo HELP? If so how Can we attach?

Shwetha - India (21308)


Since RoboHelp is based on Microsoft Word, you should be able to attach a document to Word and then use it in your RoboHelp project. It also depends on what version of RoboHelp you are using.

Check Adobe RoboHelp for more information, as well as to have product questions answered.

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Wants FrameMaker PDF files

April 6, 2010


Hi there,

Well first of all I would like to take the privilage to congragulate for developing such a wonderful user friendly web portal. Well my question is,
Well can you refer me to a link or is it possible to get the complete help file in PDF explaining each tools in detail for FRAME MAKER, ROBOHELP AND DREAMWEAVER???
Thanks & Regards.

Praveen - India (19511)


You can access and download the PDF files from:

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Basic Concept

Dfference between FrameMaker and Word?

October 10, 2007


what is the difference between Framemaker and MS Word ?

S.S. - India (14511)


Adobe FrameMaker is a high-end application used for large documents, books and manuals. It is used by companies for their technical documentation.

Microsoft Word is the top word processor. You can also create large documents and books with Word, but there is a point where FrameMaker is more effective because of its special features.

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Development Steps

Wants to download free trial of FrameMaker

April 20, 2007


Kindly let me provide information for downloading FrameMaker for free as I just need the demo version first.

Monika - India (13617)


You can check the Adobe site at: and then download a free trial.

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