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Behavior Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 280 letters have been answered.

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Squiirels are acting crazy Squirrels USA
Squirrels claimed Mango tree as their own Squirrel Defenses Sri Lanka
Consequences of squirrel losing tail Squirrel Defenses USA
Bird is screaming at night Hookbills USA
Will a squirrel's tail grow back? Squirrel Defenses USA
Source for squirrel losing tail Squirrel Defenses Canada
Smiling makes one feel better General USA
Pitch in squirrel's fur Squirrels USA
What is a normal person? General Philippines
Why would a gray squirrel kill another squirrel? Squirrels USA
What are types of behavior? Special Types Philippines
How did squirrel know there were seeds in the feeder? Squirrels USA
Are our behaviors genetically inherited? Special Types Uganda
Squirrel wanted to come into my house Squirrels USA
Want to bring 10 squirrels with us when we move Squirrels USA

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Squiirels are acting crazy

June 10, 2015


I have seen this on more than one occasion. Squirrel looks healthy, but they don't seem right in the head. It will appear to throw it self to the ground and do flips in the air. Roll and tumble. Run in short bursts and repeated the same actions. I am in hopes that you are able to answer some of these questions for me. Should I be concerned? Thank you for your time. DKD

Debbie - USA (26084)


Adolescent squirrels can tend to act crazy, especially during mating season. It may be an effort to impress a possible mate or just to have fun.

Some people wondered if it was a sign of rabies. However, that is doubtful, since very few squirrels catch the disease.

At the very least, observe and enjoy their antics.

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Squirrel Defenses

Squirrels claimed Mango tree as their own

May 30, 2015


Dear Sir,
In my back yard I have a small mango tree. When there are fruits it's inhabited by two squirrels only. However about 20m away there was another Mango tree where about 10 -12 squirrels come and eat mangos, but they never come to my Mango tree. So we happily eat mangoes with these two who may eat about 8 - 10 out of about 300 or so that are available through out the season.

Recently my neighbour cut his tree. We were scared that all those squirrels would attack our tree, but to our surprise non did. Does this mean that squirrels have their own territory and do not allow others to come to their location? I know that such a trait is there with tigers, cheetas etc.
Please enlighten me.

Kind regards.

Nalin - Sri Lanka (26041)


It certainly looks like the two squirrels in your Mango tree had staked out their claim to the tree, probably through some urine markings. Perhaps they also had shown aggression toward other squirrels that wanted to eat from "their tree", such that the others did not want to take any chances trying to get the mangoes.

Since there are probably many other places they can go to get their food, they just moved on to a different territory.

Marking their own territory is a good way to avoid costly fights among the various animals.

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Squirrel Defenses

Consequences of squirrel losing tail

January 13, 2015


There is a squirrel in my back yard whose tail is absent. What are the consequences of the loss of this appendage for the squirrel?

Thank you for answering.

Joanne - USA (25700)


Sometimes a squirrel will lose part of its tail when trying to get away from a predator. A major use for the tail is to help with balance, although it is also used for communication, as well as warmth when sleeping.

Hopefully, the little fellow will be able to get by without its tail.

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Bird is screaming at night

September 4, 2014


Thank you so much for reading this.

I live in Auburn California and for the last several nights, between 2 and 5 am something is screaming all by itself. It fades then gets louder and closer then seems to fly away again yet I cant see or hear any kind of wings. My backyard is all natural oak like a forest. The screams sound like between an old small dog or even an old lady. Its deafening.

Upon much investigation its gotta be some kind of Hook bill.

The screams are heartbreaking. Is there anything I can do to help him? Its calling for something I don't think we'll ever find. I just want to hold him and tell him everything is o.k.

I know this is stupid, but maybe I can find a way to comfort him. Is that possible?

Tonight is the third night. I'll hear if he's still out there. If he is, I'll email you back. If he isn't, I guess there's no reason you'd have to email me back as well.

Thank You for your time,

Oona - USA (25337)


If the screaming happened only one night, I'd guess it was an animal caught by a coyote or such. But several nights in a row, it sure sounds like some sort of bird.

The screams or squawks may not be calls of distress, but perhaps some normal noise-making, especially if it happens about the same time in the late night. Could it be a mating call?

If it is a pet hook bill that got lose, you might see it during the day.

You might check with the Audubon Society in California to see if there is something you can do.

It is nice that you are concerned. Best wishes on helping out our feathered friend.

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Squirrel Defenses

Will a squirrel's tail grow back?

May 3, 2014


If a squirrel loses it's tail will it grow back?

Ann - USA (24919)


Apparently, it partially grows back, resulting in a stump for a tail. Where the bones in the tail have been lost, they will not rejuvenate.

People have reported seeing squirrels with a furry stump for a tail.

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Squirrel Defenses

Source for squirrel losing tail

April 29, 2014


How does a squirrel's tail break off so easily. Can you please tell me your source for this.

Marley - Canada (24908)


I don't think the squirrel's tail breaks off easily, but it will break if grabbed by a person or other animal. There aren't many good resources on this.

The Univ. of California-Davis Wiki has a mention of it in answer to a question.

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Smiling makes one feel better

February 15, 2014


PS. :}:}:} smiling does make one feel better! Thanks again,

Claudia - USA (24518)


Not only does smiling make you feel better, it also makes most other people feel better too.

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Pitch in squirrel's fur

September 27, 2013


why don't squirrels have pitch in their fur?

Tina - USA (24058)


I'm not sure what you mean by "pitch in their fur".

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What is a normal person?

June 11, 2013


being a normal person

merah - Philippines (23771)


A normal person is one who behaves in a way that is consistent or similar to most other people. However, this varies with different groups or cultures.

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Why would a gray squirrel kill another squirrel?

May 27, 2013


why would a gray squirrel kill and chew off the head of another gray squirrel I saw this happen I never seen this before it happened at the welcome center in KY

elizabeth - USA (23724)


Sometimes male squirrels will fight with rivals and sometimes get pretty nasty, such that they kill them. Females will also fight to defend their your. Males will also sometimes kill the young of rival male.

You wouldn't think squirrels would do such things, but it is not uncommon with other animal species.

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Special Types

What are types of behavior?

November 23, 2012


types of behavior? please help

Don Henry - Philippines (23046)


Behavior is how a person acts and responds to some stimulus.

One view is that there are three main types of behavior: passive, assertive, and aggressive. This concerns how people act toward activities and other people. There can also be a combination of those types.

There is also a view that a person behaves according to his or her personality.

Finally, there is the view that people behave according to their training, as well as their personality. For example, an aggressive child may be taught to behave in a better manner.

As you can see, it can be a complex topic.

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How did squirrel know there were seeds in the feeder?

May 15, 2012


my bird feeder has been empty at least two weeks now.i put new seed in this morning at about eleven oclock i hadd a squarelin did he know there was new seed in it.before for two weeks no sign of the rodent.thank you.

forest - USA (22652)


Squirrels have good noses and can smell the seeds. Their good sense of smell is how they find the nuts they bury.

The squirrel could have been doing his daily rounds and could smell that you had put the bird seeds in the feeder.

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Special Types

Are our behaviors genetically inherited?

April 2, 2012


my question is, Are our behaviors genetically inherited or are as a result of the environment? has culture played some roles in the formation of our behaviors, how?

Katandi - Uganda (22552)


There has been a debate among scientists concerning behavior called "Nature versus Nurture". In other words, whether it is .

For some types of behavior, genetics plays a major role, while other behaviors it is the environment or training that determines the behavior. So, in all behaviors, the result is a mixture of genetics and environment in varying proportions.

For example, young children behave in a basically selfish manner. However, over the years, they learn to have a behavior of sharing with others. Of course, there are some adults who never learn to share.

A culture sets rules and standards where they expect members to adhere to those standards. A person who does not adapt his behavior to cultural rules can be ostracized from the group.

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Squirrel wanted to come into my house

April 1, 2012


There was a squirrel that was on my porch the other day and when I approached he hid behind the large flower pots and even tried to jump into a closed window. That seemed normal to me but when I walked away I thought it would run off but I checked a couple of minutes later and it was still on the porch but now sitting next to the door. Eventually he left.
I then went inside and had left the door slightly open and as I was going back out, there he was. He looked as if he was about to come inside if I hadn't shown up in the doorway. It seemed odd to me. Also he seemed to have a skin issue and not a lot of fur on his back and tail. Is he diseased? - thanks for your help

Greg - USA (22548)


I used to feed squirrels peanuts on our back porch. Certain squirrels would come at specific times of the day. However, soon they got brave and would come right inside when I opened the screen door. Since then, I stopped feeding them, but occasionally one would come up to the door like the "good old days".

It is possible that someone in your neighborhood has been feeding the squirrels, so this fellow though he'd try a different house.

Some squirrels can get skin disease or mites that cause the skin to get raw or to lose some hair. It isn't anything to worry about, although it may be uncomfortable for the little critter.

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Want to bring 10 squirrels with us when we move

October 20, 2011


we have about 10-15 squirrels that are pets we rescued as babies from hurricane ike years ago. they live in the backyard as wild and free as they should ...but they are tame ,friendly and we know them by name as we give them fruits and nuts daily . here is my question...we are thinking about moving across town. but my husband will not move if we cant bring his squirrels with us... is it possible to move them with us ??? and if so any advice on how to ...

tawnee - USA (22103)


Squirrels get very friendly and set up a regular visiting schedule if they know you will feed them. I know that you can get attached to these little friends.

One problem you might have is catching the squirrels. Since they are outside, they are also somewhat independent with their own lives. They also probably have nests made in the nearby trees.

Another problem I see concerns the other squirrels who live in the new area. There may be some territorial fights when new squirrels are introduced.

But still, it may be possible if you bring some to the new place, release them and feed them right away, so they know where the food source is. You might be able to do it a little at a time.

Best wishes in deciding if to move your squirrels. Let me know how things work out.

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