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Religion Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 18 March 2014)

The following are resources on religious and spiritual topics.


Religious concepts



Explanations of various religious beliefs (in alphabetical order)



Atheism - Index on atheism articles from the Secular Web Library

Agnosticism and Atheism topics - Links to numerous sites and articles on the subject from


Top-rated books on Atheism

Baha'i Faith


The Baha'i World - Website of the Baha'i faith

Baha'i Faith US - United States Baha'i website

Baha'i description - From the Contender Ministries Christian site

Sacred Texts of Baha'i - Archive of free online books, also available on CD-ROM


Top-rated books on Baha'i faith



Introduction to Buddhism - From a course on Buddhist Psychology

BuddhaNet - Buddhist Information Network

Overview of Buddhism - Including links and references from

Essentials of Buddhism - Very basics from

Sacred Texts of Buddhism - Archive of free online books, also available on CD-ROM


Mapping the Dharma: A Concise Guide to the Middle Way of the Buddha by Paul Gerhards; Parami Press (2007) $15.95 - For people interested in learning the basics of Buddhism; easy to read and follow

Top-rated books on Buddhism

Christian Religions


Bibles of the World - Free resource to study the Bible online - translated into many languages - Online Bible Study Tools; free online database of the Bible in several languages - Network of Christian ministries and churches

Christianity topics - From

Sacred Texts of Christianity - Archive of free online books, also available on CD-ROM

Bible Online - Well organized by books and sections from the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Online Seminary Schools - Listing of relgious schools


Top-rated books on Christianity



Catholic Prayer - Prayers for all occasions from

Basic Catholic Beliefs and Practices - Explanations from Ancient and Future Catholics organization

Roman Catholicism - Discussion articles from Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Prayers - From Catholic Online Magazine (note: pop-up ads)

Catholicism as a Denomination - History of Catholicism from


Top-rated books on Catholicism



Lutheranism - Overview from

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod - Website for that branch of Lutheran churches

Facts About Lutheranism - From Our Redeemer Lutheran Church website


Top-rated books on Lutheranism



Hinduism: The world's third largest religion - From

Basics of Hinduism - From Kauai's Hindu Monastery

Sacred Texts of Hinduism - Archive of free online books, also available on CD-ROM


Top-rated books on Hinduism



Directory of Islam sites - From

ISLAM - the Way of Life of the Prophets - From

Islam: Empire of Faith - History of Islam from Public Broadcasting System (PBS)

Sacred Texts of Islam - Archive of free online books, also available on CD-ROM


Top-rated books on Islam



Judaism 101 - Online encyclopedia of Judaism

Judaism Beliefs and Practices - From

Judaism Religion and Ethics - From BBC

Judaism Facts - From

Sacred Texts of Judaism - Archive of free online books, also available on CD-ROM


Top-rated books on Judaism

New Age Religions

New Age Movement - Discussion articles from Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Unity Religion

What is Unity? - From Unity Center, North Carolina, USA

Unity World Headquarters

Religious concepts

Explanations of various concepts and questions on religion.

Existence of the soul


The Existence and Nature of the Soul - Extensive analysis of work of Christian philosopher J.P. Moreland

More Than Material: Evidence for the Existence of the Human Soul- Essay by Matt Koschmann

Catholic Encyclopedia Definition of Soul


Top-rated books on Existence of the Soul

Existence of God


Philosopher Anselm on God's Existence - Fordham University

Existence of God - Catholic Encyclopedia

The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe by William Lane Craig

Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God by Dr. Walter Bradley

Arguments for the Existence of a God

Arguments for and against the Existence of God by Paul Harrison

Proving the Existence of Allah to an Atheist - From Islam 101


Top-rated books on Existence of God

Life after death


What Happens After Death? - From Probe Ministries

Thoughts on Life After Death - From

The Case for Life After Death - From Christian Leadership Ministries


Top-rated books on Life After Death

Animal souls


Animal Soul - Essay by Robert M. Young

The Care and Feeding of an Animal Soul - Essay by Sharon Callahan



Use these resources to get further information on the various Religion topics. If you have some good Religion links, let us know about them.

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