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Learning from the Attitudes of Dogs and Cats

by Ron Kurtus (revised 4 December 2013)

Dogs and cats may have different attitudes toward life and their relationship with people. You might learn something from the following story of a conversation between a dog and a cat.

Questions you may have include:

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Animal conversation

A dog and a cat were having a conversation about their homes and the comforts of their lives.


The dog said, "You know, I've really got it made here. I have a master who feeds me, cleans up my litter, and provides me with a nice comfortable home.

My master must be a god."


The cat replied, "I've got it pretty good myself. I have a master who feeds me, cleans up my litter and provides me with a nice comfortable home.

You know, I must be a god!"


It appears that the dog really appreciates the good things received from its master.

On the other hand, this cat feels self-important and expects royal treatment.

Lessons learned

You can learn some lessons from this conversation:

Have a positive attitude toward things

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