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eCommerce Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 1 September 2011)

The follow material consists of websites and books on e-commerce.


How E-commerce Works - From HowStuffWorks

Electronic commerce - From Wikipedia

E-Commerce Times - Online magazine for industry news

What is Ecommerce? - From Network Solutions

Basic Guide to E-Commerce - From Free Management Library

How To Make Your Ecommerce Store Stand Out - From How-to Guidebooks

Banner Advertising Statistics - Article on measuring the effectiveness of online campaigns from Web Developer's Journal (June 2000)

List of eCommerce material - A number of good resources from

Online Business - Canada - From

Business-to-Business eCommerce - Wikipedia

Selling Online Guide - From


Top-rated books about Online Business

Top-rated books about eCommerce



This is just a short listing.

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