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Enrolling in Google Adsense Program

by Ron Kurtus (1 April 2010)

The Google Adsense program provides a means for websites that provide information to gain revenue through advertisements related to their content.

Before you can start placing Adsense ads on your website, you must enroll in the program by providing Google with relevant information, as well as important information about how you want to get paid.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Enrolling in Adsense

You can enroll in the Google Adsense program by going to their site at:

You have the option to view and enroll in a wide range of languages.

Click on Sign Up Now and fill out the simple application form.


There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled:

Website information

Contact information


Account Information

Once you submit your application, you can fill out or edit Account Information.

Important information

Information concerning logging in and getting paid must be filled in:

Other information

Other information that can be edited later include:


The Google Adsense program provides you a means to make money through advertisements related to the content on your website. You must enroll in the Adsense program, providing Google with relevant information, as well as important information about how you want to get paid.

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