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Explanation of how to List Ten-at-a-Time from a ColdFusion Query. Key words: database, table, functions, if, then, CFIF, CFSET, session manager, School for Champions. Copyright © Restrictions

List Ten-at-a-Time from a ColdFusion Query

by Ron Kurtus (revised 3 July 2001)

You can list items from a database table with a common query. Even if you filter the results, you may get a long list of items. There is a method to list a select number of items at a time.

Questions you may have include:

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First 10 items

Suppose you make a simple query.

<cfquery name="list_items" datasource="db_name">
select item
from my_tables
orderby itemID

To get the first 10 items, you set boundaries in your output.

<cfoutput query="list_items" startrow="1" maxrows="10">

Repeated method

To list the first 10 items and then be able to click on a link to repeatedly show the next 10, you could use the following code:


<CFQUERY NAME="list_items" DATASOURCE="db_name">
SELECT item FROM my_tables

<CFIF IsDefined("")>

<CFSET session.start = #session.start# + 10>

<P>List of next 10 items</P>

<CFOUTPUT QUERY="list_items" STARTROW="#session.start#" MAXROWS="10">

<P><A HREF="this_page.cfm?next=10">Next 10</A></P>


<P>List of first 10 items</P>

<CFSET start = 1>

<CFSET session.start = #start#>

<CFOUTPUT QUERY="list_items" STARTROW="#session.start#" MAXROWS="10">

<P><A HREF="this_page.cfm?next=10">Next 10</A></P>



You really want the whole application to be on one page. When you open the page, has not been defined, so you start at the <CFELSE> term.

Session management is used so that the variables that you set will be carried forward, when you click the link to go to the next view of this page.

The expression in the link: ?next=10 will send to the <CFIF> tag. "Next" could be set to equal anything. I used 10 just to indicate a list of 10 items.

In the <CFIF> section, the STARTROW is now the previous one plus 10.

To list a items other than 10 at a time, change the value of X in MAXROWS="X" and <CFSET session.start = #session.start# + X>.


This is an easy way to list the output of your query 10 items at a time. You can adjust it to list any number you wish.

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