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What Integrity Means

by Terry Cole-Whittaker (17 November 2003)

Integrity means to be who you are. Being true to one's self, one's values, beliefs, and standards is essential when it comes to spiritual success. Everywhere around us people and situations are pulling at us to forget our priorities and fall back into old unwanted, unsatisfying and unproductive ways. That is why is is difficult to make the changes we would like.

If we are to be, do and have what is important to us, we must be strong and courageous and therefore hold our own in any and all circumstances.

Questions you may have are:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Is seeking approval worth it?

When we pander for approval from others and trade our values and beliefs for it, we will suffer the consequences. We do this only because we think that others have something that we want and to get it, we must be as they want us to be. But let us ask this questions: "What will this cost me? And is it worth it?"

Goals require sacrifices

Whatever we want to attain, we must let go of the lesser in order to obtain the greater. Every goal requires sacrifices of this sort. Old habits of thinking and behaving prevent us from manifesting our topmost desires and goals. There is no way that one can continue to behave as a victim and also become victorious.

Be true to yourself

Allowing others to determine what we think, feel, say and do means that we shall become as they are. "To thine own self be true," is a must if we are to be all that we are capable of becoming. Once we can see how we are swayed this way and that by the desires, words and actions of others, we can begin to make progress. Then an inner resolve to be true to one's self, goals, ethics and principles needs to be made.


Points to remember are:

  1. Avoid compromising situations
  2. Keep your conversation on a high level and do not succumb to theirs
  3. Keep your goal in mind and act accordingly

Then you should have integrity.

Integrity pays off

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Terry Cole-Whittaker is a renowned, inspiring and motivating speaker, minister, and best-selling author in the areas of enlightenment, happiness, love, and prosperity. Under her leadership, as the Founder and Chairman of a non-profit educational foundation, Adventures in Enlightenment, Dr. Cole-Whittaker is building The International Institute of Sacred Knowledge in India, near New Delhi.

Her books include:

Dare to Be Great: 7 Steps to the Spiritual and Material Riches of Life, J. P. Tarcher Publisher (2003) $14.95

Every Saint Has a Past, Every Sinner a Future: Seven Steps to the Spiritual and Material Riches of Life, J. P. Tarcher Publisher (2001) $24.95

What You Think of Me Is None of My Business Jove Publisher (1991) $5.99

How to Have More in a Have-Not World, Fawcett Books (1990), a New York Times best-seller

Ms. Cole-Whittaker's website is at and her email address is


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